Tizgui Todra Gorges, Tinghir 45800


Todra Gorge Climbing Guide Book

All of the nearly 500 routes in Todgha are built and maintained by volunteers. Unlike in Europe where climbing clubs and governments supply funding for this work, in Morocco there is no such funding, and no such clubs.

To ensure the safety of climbers who come to the gorges, Aventures Verticales Maroc works continuously to maintain the routes, change equipment, and build new routes. To help offset some of the cost of the equipment for doing this work, we have developed a topo guide, now in its 4th edition.

The 2020 edition of our guide book is available for purchase.

Pick up a copy in our shop in Todra Gorge or email us to acquire a PDF version as well before you start your trip.

Flip through the complete sample guide book.

This is the only guidebook for the Todgha Gorges which supports and develops rock climbing in the gorges.  By purchasing this guidebook, you help us and participate in making Todgha Gorge one of the best places to climb!

Please note that there are a number of hotels and individuals in the gorges who sell false guide books. These are only photocopies of our book and are sold to unsuspecting visitors as if they were the official guide book of AVM. Be a conscious climber and remember that purchasing one of these false guide books does not contribute to the development of climbing here and only continues to promote illegal behaviour.

The official AVM guidebook is only available directly from us at the AVM shop, our guest house, or by e-mail.