Tizgui Todra Gorges, Tinghir 45800


Mountaineering in Todra: Appreciate the Journey


Mountaineering in Todra: Appreciate the Journey

Appreciate the beauty of Todgha Gorge and your own capacities on a day-long mountaineering route.

When the last climber pops over the ridge of rock to join the rest of us on the plateau, it's smiles and laughter all around. We share high-fives and congratulations. And then we all turn to admire the view: Tizgui Village far below on the banks of the Todgha River. It's spring time, and the multitudinous shades of green from the trees and alfalfa fields of the river gardens look luxurious in the midst of this orange and red-rock world. An oasis, to be sure.



We've just summited Sunrise Ridge; a great reward for our efforts over the past few hours. But the moments we stand on the top of this cliff are few and no more important than the many moments we've spent reaching it, and the many more we'll spend to reach the valley floor again. The journey is the destination, as the saying goes. And here, especially, this sentiment is true.


It's always satisfying leading people on climbs, but there's something particularly special about the Sunrise Ridge mountaineering route. For many people, this is the first time they've ever experienced this kind of adventure: going off the usual, boot-beaten path and trying something new. As we scramble, walk, and climb our way over rocks and boulders and short walls, we feel ourselves gain confidence in our ability to navigate obstacles and get excited with the idea that there is no path--we have to make our own!


Unlike climbing, where it's necessary to have some experience with climbing at top-rope before starting out on a multi-pitch route, with this mountaineering route it's not necessary to have any experience--just a sense of adventure and a desire to spend a little extra time in your surroundings.



What is it?
The Sunrise Ridge is a mountaineering route that takes about 6hrs to complete in its entirety (including 3 hours walking). You will walk, scramble, and climb your way 200m to the rim of the gorge. We use harnesses and ropes to keep you safe. No mountaineering experience is necessary, and we can adapt the route depending on your level of comfort on the rocks (more or less climbing).

We can accommodate groups of 1-4. Check out the "Trekking" page for more info and prices.



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