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Climbing with Orca Whales!


Climbing with Orca Whales!

Climb with us at two of North America's premier destinations this summer.

The sun is hot on my skin as I feed the rope through the belay device for Julio, who's climbing at lead above me. I'm sitting in my harness, my feet wedged against the granite wall, and below my belay station -- and I mean JUST below, like 1 metre away.. -- the cool green water of the Pacific Ocean is licking at the stone. It's our first day of climbing in Squamish, British Columbia, and we couldn't have picked a better crag to start. This is Seal Cove, a sheer face of granite jutting out into the ocean. To gain access to each of the routes threading up this slab, it's necessary to traverse 30m out from the shore to a belay station perched above the lapping water. How cool is that? And better still, we've got the place to ourselves.

Above me, Julio's reached his belay station and linked himself in. He turns around for the view and shouts: "Look!". I swing my head to see where he's looking. Out there, in the bay, I see two black fins and a flash of white skin. Orca whales! We watch them playing in the water, he on his end of the rope and me on mine.




Want to climb with views like this? You can!

Join us for two weeks of climbing and camping in two of North America's top climbing destinations: Squamish, British Columbia, and Smith Rock, Oregon.

Both Squamish and Smith Rock also offer spectacular hiking so if you'd like to come climb but your spouse would rather hike, then we've got you sorted!

Our July 2020 trip still has a couple of spaces left but be quick and reserve soon -- you don't want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity.


You’ll be accompanied on this trip by an experienced mountain sports instructor, accredited by the FFME. 

July 4 - Pick up at Vancouver airport, British Columbia and travel to Squamish.
July 5-9 - Climbing in Squamish with optional rest days for hiking in Coast Mountains or swimming in Pacific ocean.
July 10 - Travel to Smith Rock, Oregon
July 11-16 Climbing at Smith Rock State Park, Oregon, with optional rest days for hiking
July 17 - Travel to Vancouver, BC, and drop off at airport


  • Transportation 
  • Camping in Squamish and Smith Rock
  • Breakfasts and dinners (communal kitchen)


Price: 1800 Euros / person

Group size: 6