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Wild Way Retreat October 2020


Wild Way Retreat October 2020

Change your perspective and embrace your choices on our Wild Way adventure retreat

2020 might have been a bit of a drag for you. But it's not over! Come join us for an adventurous week in the High Atlas of Morocco to change your perspective.


Whatever your reason for wanting to have a break, hike, climb, scramble, ride, talk, laugh, think, question your way, change your point of view, or re-orient yourself with a small group of wonderful people like you.

We offer these Wild Way retreats for people who might not be attracted to traditional "retreats" (especially when they involve massive amounts of money and luxurious, over-the-top accommodations). Our philosophy is that you don't need to ESCAPE from your life--you need to embrace it!


Often we feel trapped in life and in the choices we have made. We feel like we cannot be free to live how we want to live. BUT IT'S NOT TRUE.


"Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does." (Jean Paul Sartre)


Of course this kind of freedom is terrifying and not particularly comfortable. It's easier to live with the belief that we aren't free to choose how to live because it makes us feel absolved of our responsibilities--it's not our FAULT that we are unhappy.

But choosing not to choose is itself a choice.

However you have chosen to live (consciously or by default) YOU HAVE MADE THAT CHOICE.

The great news is that because we have this freedom to choose how we want to live, we can make changes and always learn to embrace our life and live more consciously.


We'd love to be part of that process with you. Spending a few days challenging your perceptions and expanding your experience out of your usual context is an awesome place to start.


The trip includes:

- 3 day nomadic hiking trip into High Atlas Mountains with accommodation in nomad camps

- 2 days mountain sports activities in Todgha Gorge (climbing, via ferrata, mountaineering, or horse riding - you choose)

- Yoga and hammam excursion

- Accommodation, meals, and transportation

- A chance to reconnect with yourself and your capacities as a free human being!

- An opportunity to meet new wonderful people who are on their own life-journeys and talk, think, share, and question


Check out our organised trips page to find out more information about our Wild Way 2020 retreat!